About Us

  • Welcome to Sakshi Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.

    Sakshi Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Manufacturing company specializing in sale & marketing, distribution & supply of high quality product i.e agricultural, animal feed & supplements. with global operations, farms and distribution, logistic and servicing facilities in entire India, We are premier supporter of the stable supply of high quality feed, fresh produce, dairy products and commodities to the local and regional markets. our unique value proposition coupled with specialization in logistics and supply chain.We are  engaged in meeting the demand for nutritional products by offering high quality Fertilizers, Liquid Animal Feed Supplement, Plant Growth Promoter and Herbal Pesticides. We are provide great care while using the best traditional farming technique by our experts.  It's for this reason we nature the crop to produce best crop & animal feeds for our users. Finally we pride ourselves producing our multi-task for customers.
    Sakshi Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd. is driven the urgent challenges opposite agricultural products. Sakshi Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd. passionate about our purpose inspired by our customers with loyalty.


    To be a world class corporate in the field of fertilizers with dominant position in Indian market, ensuring optimal utilization of resources, taking due care of environment and maximizing value of stakeholders.


    To bring a smile on every farmer's face. Through our quality products& constant support, we strive improve the yield and productivity of the farmer, and help him get  better price for his produce.



    The company shall deal in all aspects of Business with integrity, honesty, transparency and with utmost respect to the stakeholders, by honoring our commitments,  providing results and striving for highest quality.